Save up to 80% of herbicide

Efficient, cost effective and environmentally sustainable

Save on labour costs, time and money

Agricultural producers and contractors are reaping the benefits from using world-leading sophisticated sensor technology.

WeedSeeker® technology uses a selective spot spray system to selectively apply herbicides, insecticides, fertilisers, and fungicides to plants in an agricultural, horticultural, viticultural and industrial situation.

  • High accuracy sensors spray weeds and not bare soil or stubble.
  • Sensors spaced 38cms apart delivers greater resolution and accuracy in heavy stubble.
  • Apply robust herbicide rates per weed, not per hectare.
  • Reduce issue of herbicide resistance.
  • Fit to existing spraybooms.  Major boom manufacturers building booms specifically designed to fit WeedSeeker.
  • Available for immediate delivery.
  • Only proven technology of its kind.
  • Over 20 years agricultural spot spraying technology experience and 8 years experience with WeedSeeker and GreenSeeker.
  • Researched and trialled.

GreenSeeker® optical sensor technology enables you to measure, in real time, a crop’s nitrogen levels, and variably apply the “prescribed’ nitrogen requirements.

The team at Crop Optics Australia deliver a high standard of service and support to all of our customers, ensuring the successful and timely implementation of all our quality products.

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